KFC was not duped into giving a student free chicken for a year. File photo by Paul Sakuma/AP

It sounds like a great story and when you first hear the details you'll definitely giggle, but it's all fake news.

A story has been circulating on social media (in particular Twitter), that a KwaZulu-Natal university student had been posing as a KFC boss from the store's head office and had been eating free chicken for a year.

The details of the story were sketchy to begin with, the only facts being that the 27-year-old had produced an ID card from KFC headquarters and said he was in the store to test the chicken.

He apparently then got away with it and repeated the scam for months.

The team at KFC South Africa took the fake news on the chin and set the record straight - no one conned The Colonel!

And they agreed that if someone had pulled off such a stunt it would have been legendary.