The Burger King ad made by robots. Wikimedia Commons

South Africa has seen a flood of international and local fast food brands in the past few years and today the day to celebrate this.

#FastFoodDay is an appreciation of the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry.

The team at Burger King SA want to change the narrative of fast food and are using #FastFoodDay to highlight the changes they want to see.

“We don’t view ourselves as a ‘fast food’ brand – we are a restaurant that serves good food, fast,” says Ezelna Jones, Group Marketing Executive at Burger King SA.  

“However, as a brand which is technically classified as ‘fast food’ it is important for us to make our purpose clear and to ensure that each meal our guests consume is made with a conscience, 365 days of the year.” 

She explains that where possible they use fresh and authentic ingredients sourced from local suppliers. 

“We are a South African business working with global benchmarks, and we have chosen to only work with well-respected and reliable South African companies to deliver the best ingredients to our restaurants. Our partners include the likes of Dew Crisp - one of the leading providers of fresh ingredients which uses hydroponics and conventional farming techniques - and Bimbo QSR (previously known as East Balt Bakeries). This ensures that only the crispiest lettuce, juiciest tomatoes and tastiest garnish is served with our made-to-order burgers.” 

“We also opened the Grand Foods Meat Plant in 2015 to ensure that each patty produced is 100% A-grade beef, free of GMOs, artificial colourants, ingredients, and preservatives, which are then flame-grilled to perfection.” 

“Everything we do is to ensure we are more than just ‘fast food’ – we want our guests to know they can always trust in BURGER KING® for delicious, fresh tasting food,” concludes Jones.    

So go out there and celebrate #FastFoodDay but try to do it in a healthy way!