Tito Mboweni pictured with a chef at Kigali Serena Restaurant in Rwanda this past weekend. Picture: Twitter

The South African Finance Minister has become known as the "minister of cooking" lately as he has been sharing his recipes on social media.

From preparing chicken and beef stew to making a Lucky Star with pap dish, Mboweni is now calling on men to start cooking good food and share their recipes.

In a recent Twitter post, he said, “Oh dear! It seems like I have ignited a cooking renaissance without planning it. Messages from many places. Good. Men must cook good food. All of us must cook. Enjoy the cooking renaissance! Share your recipes”.

His counterparts seemed to be impressed with this idea with one Twitter user, @SimonTladi saying, “Indeed man must cook and our people must eat good food”. 

Another user, @SMukwakungu agreed with the minister's idea by sharing a picture of a meal he had prepared for his family over the weekend.

@SaneleMchunu also agreed.

But some disagreed with @geneboy asking how he could cook if he couldn't afford to buy food?  

We do hope that the recipes that people share with the minister will result in him honing his culinary skills and make cooking even cooler than it is right now. 

It's clear - Tito Mboweni is good for food culture.