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Never have enough caffeine? Think beyond your morning mug and why not add coffee to your cooking for more robust, earthly flavours that works with everything from meat marinades to those really sweet syrups. It’s just another way to add that smoky flavour into food, says  Head Chef at Cattle Baron in Umhlanga, Thagen Sigamoney.

Red-eye gravy is one way to incorporate coffee into your meal.


  • A unique and tasty option for your gravy is a red eye gravy, a classic southern style cooking method featuring a combination of ham, coffee and granola.

Adding coffee to savoury meat dishes

  • Use coffee on your roast meat to help tenderize and you can also use it as a braising liquid for beef short ribs. When the coffee caramelizes its adds a delicious bittersweet dimension. You also add coffee to your barbecue sauce for that added flavour.

Coffee as a spice rub

  • The combination of paprika, ground coffee and salt will add an instant buzz to your dish. You can also use coffee to make spicy crusted pork or spiced coated rack of lamb.

Coffee cake with cappuccino buttercream. Pic by Hasselblad.
Coffee to give your breakfast pancake a kick

  • Many of us all need our morning fix in the morning but why not also combine with butter to form a really tasting pancake topping.

Infuse your desserts with coffee

  • Add small amounts will add a nice, rich undertone to your recipe while a few tablespoons will give you that zing. Add to your brownie mix for a mocha approach or what about making a tasty coffee cake.