Experiment with lighting. In the upcoming years, we will observe more food photography trends coming up that will change the way we look at food photography. Picture by Sam Wilkinson.

Food photography has risen over the years. It seems to play a bigger role than ever in the images we see every day but how does the future look like? 

Food photographer, Sam Wilkinson shares some food photography trends she sees happening and coming in the future.

Telling the story behind the food 

It is becoming more and more important for the viewer to see where the food comes from, who made it and how.

Experimenting with lighting

Natural lighting is the most common way to light food but with everyone becoming a photographer on social media these days, food photographers are experimenting with lighting to create more interesting and compelling images. 

I think food photographs are going to become more and more of an art than a mere documentation.


Food GIFS are becoming rather popular and I only see this growing into some great food animations. 

From the cooking process to the plating of the food, even the growing process -  to showcase that there's more to food than just a meal.