Top chefs have now revealed how to get your meat and vegetables moist, juicy and incredibly flavoursome rather than blackened and charred to a crisp.
There's always a black burned sausage or two at every barbecue.
But Hus Vedat, executive chef at Yosma in Marylebone, told Good Housekeeping magazine says there's an easy trick to stop your meat from over-cooking.
He said that you should always have two temperature zones on your grill: a hot side where the searing hot coals are piled up high, and a cooler side for slow-cooking.
He said: 'With your meat, smash it on the flaming hot side first, once it’s seared and coloured, you then allow it to cook on a lower heat.'
But what about adding flavour to your meat?
The right seasoning is key to great grilled meat PICTURE: 
The secret to lip-smacking grilled meat, according to chefs, is to marinate your meat and vegetables for the right amount of time.
And to really make sure you pack in plenty of flavour, you have to marinate your meat for at least 'a day,' according to Dan Doherty, the chef director of the Duck & Waffle Local in Piccadilly.
He said: 'This really gets the flavours to penetrate, even if it’s just a dry rub.'
In addition, Claudio Cardoso from central London sushi restaurant SUSHISAMBA says you should continue to add your marinade to the meat throughout the cooking process as it will keep it moist.
'Keep a little bowl of marinade and brush onto the meat as it is cooking on the barbecue,' he said.

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