Cupcakes at Tessa's Bakery - Pic, Nathan Adams

A trip to the bakery will also be a sweet deal, but step into the new Tessa’s Bakery in Milnerton, Cape Town and you’re guaranteed a sugar rush.

The cakes, cupcakes and sweet delicacies are brightly coloured and oozing sugar, which might inspire you to become a creative baker at home.

Co-manager at Tessa’s Bakery, Des Dasopatis has shared some of the popular baking trends they have spotted right now:

Shards galore

No crumb should be going to waste when you’re baking and this is even true of cupcakes. Shards of chocolate and bite sized shards inside cupcakes and in clusters are a new trend. The Rocky Road at Tessa’s is a perfect example of the trend. Wonky pieces of chocolate crammed into a tray bake and then cut into delicious bite-sized pieces.


Drizzle cakes are all the rage at the moment. No drizzle, no cake sizzle. A chocolate drizzle looks the most eye catching but experiment with colours and make sure your icing mixture isn’t too runny


Gone are the days of just a dry cupcake with some icing on top. Now your cupcake must have a liquid centre that oozes sweetness. Salted caramel and chocolate is top of the list at Tessa’s Bakery.

Special bakes

Even your vegetarian and gluten free friends and family deserve to enjoy the baked goods on offer. Des says: “We’re expanding on a gluten free range and we have a vegan cake.”
“There’s no dairy, no animal products  and it’s a carrot cake with a lot of fruit and dairy free cream cheese,” she adds.

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