Four ways to celebrate women in the food industry. Picture by Nathan CowleyPexels

Thursday is National Women’s Day. So I looked at ways in which we can celebrate women in the food industry this month- something we don’t usually do.

Support women street food vendors 

  • These are the women mostly forgotten when celebrating women empowerment. These amazing women are hard workers, feed their families and educate their children with the money that they make in selling their eats and treats on the streets. So, when you meet them on the streets please don’t bargain with them — in fact, pay more.
Buy a beer from a female-owned brewery or bar this #Women'sMonth.

Buy a beer from a female-owned brewery/ bar

  • The brewery industry is very male-dominated but I like how women brewers are starting to step up and are growing in their numbers. So why not support them and buy that cold beer as a way to celebrate women’s day? Well that’s if you’re a beer fan and if you're not, a female brewer might just win you over.

Eat dinner at a restaurant owned by a woman

  • Most restaurants will be pulling out all the stops for ladies this women’s day- that’s a sure case.
  • What I've noticed is that the ratio of female restaurateurs is still a work in progress but those who are already in the business are definitely doing a good job. These ladies are just tough as their male counterparts as they are rising to the top and becoming more prominent. As a way of showing appreciation for their good work let’s spend a few rands and dine at their restaurants.

Follow female chefs or food bloggers on social media

  • There are many female chefs and food bloggers that are setting social media on fire currently. They are the ones who inspire us to do be creative in the kitchen and even help us with a few tips to bring out the most in our meals.