TV chef Gordon Ramsay is a big fan of traditional French delicacy escargot — a dish of land snails cooked in garlic butter and parsley — and as well as cooking the meal at some of his restaurants he has also served it to his children at home.

His 16-year-old daughter Tilly Ramsay - who is quickly becoming a television cooking star herself, admits she is put off because the gastropods come from their own home.

During a joint appearance on UK daytime TV show 'This Morning', Gordon says: "It was really important for me when you guys were all little, to sort of almost help you become un-fussy about food. And then when you became un-fussy about food, you wanted to learn how to cook food ... You even ate snails, we picked them from the garden."

Tilly then added: "You would feed us everything from lamb's brain to snails ... I don't mind them but, like, they're from the garden."

Gordon also has Megan, 20, and twins Holly and Jack, both 18, with his wife Tana and he wanted to instill in them the basic knowledge for cooking from an early age because it is such an important life skill.

He explains: "When I see Jack panicking about Latin and even though he's never going to use that ever again for the rest of his life. I still think cooking is as important in school ... Learning how to cook is as important as learning a foreign language.

"You'll learn to eat healthily, look after yourself, and it makes you a little bit more independent ... all your mates will want to come round and have dinner parties!"

And Tilly - whose full name is Matilda - agrees with her 'Kitchen Nightmares' star dad, saying: "I think all schools should try and do cooking lessons because it really does help and it's something you're going to need."