Poached pear served with bruschetta, rocket and Gorgonzola.
Poached pear served with bruschetta, rocket and Gorgonzola.
Mushroom linguine with pesto.
Mushroom linguine with pesto.

It can be a hassle to call a restaurant and order a meal, but with delivery apps, you won’t have to be put on hold because you are doing everything on the app or online, so this is easier than ever.

With the on-demand food delivery services available nowadays, I don’t even need to dial a restaurant’s phone number to order food anymore.

When I order food online I use Uber Eats or Mr Delivery, but this time I was introduced to My Chef.

My Chef is an online food delivery service which allows you to buy meals that are healthy, preservative free and quick and easy to prepare.

The only difference between My Chef and the other food delivery services, is that you place your order a few days before receiving your food. It allows you to then plan your menu for the week in one step.

It was my first time having My Chef meals and while my expectations where high, thanks to the reviews I had read about the service online, I still had my trepidations. I had placed the order almost a week ago and had even forgot what I had ordered.

Used to having the food I ordered delivered to me in a few minutes, this was a new experience. But I shouldn’t have stressed. The food is mostly brought in frozen, so you can either heat and eat or oven bake, depending on the meals you ordered.

I ordered a three-course meal (and some extras) and it happened to have been their Valentine’s Day menu, meaning I received their gourmet selection.

Poached pear served with bruschetta, rocket and Gorgonzola.

For starters I had the “for the perfect pear”, which I did not like. It was poached pear served with bruschetta, rocket and Gorgonzola.

Let’s say it was an interesting combination. Neither a fan of the pear (too sweet) nor the Gorgonzola (eh, blue cheese is not delicious), I was still able to appreciate how both flavours complemented each other.

For fans of Gorgonzola, they would enjoy this pairing.

The mains were interesting because it proved to me how much of an effect condiments can have on food. I had the mushroom linguine with pesto and had it not been for the chilli pesto, the meal would have been disappointing.

But drizzling the pesto over the linguine had a great effect, providing the pasta with a kick that elevated the taste.

I couldn’t help but want more.

And for dessert I would have loved to have had the vanilla panna cotta, but it wasn’t set when it arrived, so I settled for the tiramisu.

Sometimes with tiramisu it’s either too sweet or the alcohol is too strong? There was none of that.

They got the mix right and the flavours worked well together.

I did, though, try the liquid panna cotta and I could still smell the delicious aroma of fresh vanilla; it was creamy and not too sweet.

Since I’m so lazy to cook, I fear that I will now rely too much on this service. I do love how My Chef meals are cooked using fresh ingredients with a great meal variety and a menu that changes often.

To order your meals from My Chef you can browse their weekly menu online on www.mychef.co.za.

Add your meals to your basket and they will prepare your meals the day before delivery.

They will deliver your order to your door on your selected day and their deliveries are done in the greater Durban area- Amanzimtoti to Ballito and up to Assagay.