Mixed veg boerewors. Picture from Twitter (Soweto Food)
Mixed veg boerewors. Picture from Twitter (Soweto Food)

‘Green boerewors’ hard to stomach? You can try ‘mixed veg boerewors’

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Feb 10, 2021

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Late last year, a picture of “green boerewors” went viral on social media. It divided many, with most remarking that those who have adopted the vegan lifestyle want to eat meat so badly, they keep coming up with ways of suppressing their meat cravings with plant-based “meat” disguises all in the name of healthy eating.

The “green boerewors” that had been making the rounds are green herbs and vegetables that had been stuffed in sausage casings.

The picture was posted by Twitter user @SOWETO_food with the caption: “How to make green boerewors #recipe #HealthyEating”.

Veganism has seen an explosion of popularity around the world and while some vegans may swear this lifestyle is the be-all and end-all of healthy living, not everyone is a fan of the plant-based diet. This was evident with the post.

A lot of people responded with fury, outraged at why would one want a “green wors”?

If you couldn’t stomach or cannot stomach the thought of “green boerewors” the same account has recently shared something that might be much better, well to some of us, firstly because it is not a weird “healthy eating” dish.

The food and lifestyle blog shared a picture of mixed vegetables stuffed in boerewors. I think this particular dish can be palatable. We eat boerewors and mixed vegetables all the time, it’s just that this specific dish is presented bizarrely.

During braai, food like peppers can be stuffed with boerewors, now why should it be wide of the mark when it’s the other way around? Because I want to believe that the taste will still be the same?

Judging from what Twitter users had to say about the recent dish, many still do not approve of it.

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