Pizza is South Africans’ favourite Italian dish.
Did you know that pizza is South Africans’ favourite Italian dish, with 80% of people making it their meal of choice and only 20% picking pasta? 

Would you be among the 55% of folks who celebrate a special occasion with an ice-cream or the 45% who do so with a milkshake? Do you, like 56% of South Africans, say ‘I love you’ with donuts, or is chocolate your (and 44% of people’s) go-to?

These are some of the stats that have emerged from Uber Eats’ nationwide quest to uncover the language of food when they  took to social media and set up a booth in Sandton City to discover what South Africans really like.

In Sandton, the Uber Eats crew - equipped with an ECG machine and a nurse asked 104 people to order food via the Uber Eats app which could be brought to them to enjoy, delivered to a friend close by, or they could have the Rand equivalent donated to a local charity. 

The majority of participants (94%) opted to order meals for themselves, with the most popular food types being pizza (23%) and Asian (18%), with burgers, health foods and desserts all tying in third place with 14% of participants ordering these. 

All this was done whilst measuring their heart rates.

While placing their orders, the survey participants’ heart rates rose by 8.44 beats per minute on average, with 27% having heart rates over 100 (the normal resting heart rate)  - all of which reveal the excitement and anticipation that come with ordering takeout (and getting a free meal).

On social media, they posed different questions and gave fans the chance to choose between two options. 
Among the insights gathered from these was that 53% of people feel most excited when ordering sushi for delivery, versus the 47% who get amped awaiting the arrival of a juicy steak. 
Another (unsurprising) observation gleaned was that 78% of South Africans turn to comfort food when feeling down, with 22% of us choosing something healthy instead.   

From the research, results show that not only does food make South Africans incredibly happy, with upticks in heart rate, but that we are fluent in ‘Italian’ - pizza in particular.