The Wicked Pumpkin Frappe. Picture by Buhle Mbonambi
After hearing news about the launch of this new Starbucks Halloween beverage, myself and my colleague, Buhle Mbonambi couldn't resist the temptation and quickly headed to Starbucks on Florida Road in Durban, for the treat.

The beverage combines matcha topped with pumpkin spice cream and chocolate sauce, making a very beautiful cup presentation that you can’t take your eyes off from it. It entices you, like the candy that attracted Hansel and Gretel outside the witch's house. 

Here's what we thought about it.  
The Wicked Pumpkin Frappe. Picture by Buhle Mbonambi


I’m not a frappucino fan but judging the Wicked Pumpkin Frappe by its well and striking presentation I figured I give it a try. 

What also really got me interested was the chocolate sauce topping because I love chocolate but it was far less than what I had expected when it came to taste. 

It may look nice but it tastes bad. 


If there's one thing I do enjoy on Starbucks menu, it's their frappucinos. I know what to expect- frothy sweetness that will give me a sugar and caffeine high. 

So with their new special Halloween flavour, I expected Starbucks to make it even more special. 

It really wasn't. It's, well, just bleh. There's nothing distinct about it that plays into all my tastebuds. 

There was actually more ice in the frapp. 

What I did like is that the matcha (yay, healthy fast food) used in the frapp, offsets the sweetness of the cream and chocolate syrup glazed on top.
Would I buy it again? Not likely. I really don't think it's worth the R49 I paid for it.