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UberEATS has changed the way South Africans order-in and today they are celebrating their first birthday.

Here are some interesting facts
  • Since its launch a year ago, UberEATS has had over a 550 000 downloads
  • There’s an average of 10 000 downloads a week the entire year. 
  • Delivery partners have driven almost 5 000 000 kms, which is the same distance to make 6 trips to the moon and back.
  • During the first year the smallest order was for one Dolce Kiss.
  • UberEATS largest order was for 39 cheeseburgers, 21 cokes, 22 cream sodas, 16 fried chicken burgers, 14 Stoney’s and three green salads.
Nic Robertson, General Manager for UberEATS Middle East and Africa says South African’s aren’t shy to get their favourites either.

“If you lined up each chicken wing we delivered end-to-end, the wings would be 35 times the height of the Ponte Building in Hillbrow! We have delivered enough fries to cover the same distance as a return trip from Joburg to Cape Town -  40 times!”, adds Robertson.
Top items ordered include cheeseburgers, margarita pizzas, salmon fashion sandwiches, salmon California rolls, and butter chicken.

To celebrate their birthday, UberEATS contacted some of it’s top eaters and influencers and sent them limited edition Eats Golden Cutlery so that they could eat in style.