London - Fancy a juicy pear? How about a crisp apple? Can’t decide? Well, why not have a ‘papple’ instead.

The papple is a new fruit that looks and tastes like an apple, but has the skin and texture of a pear.

The unusual fruit was achieved by crossing varieties of European and Asian pears, and growing them in New Zealand soil.

The ‘T109’, to give the breed its proper name, will go on sale in Marks & Spencer .

But it isn’t the first hybrid fruit to grace our shelves. In recent years we have seen black apricots (an apricot crossed with a plum), satsumos (satsumas the size of grapefruits) and pineberries (white, strawberry-like fruits with the taste of a pineapple).

But why can’t someone just create a fruit with all the goodness of an apple — and the taste and texture of chocolate? - Daily Mail