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The custom of setting New Year’s resolutions each year is adhered to by a global audience with the goal of either starting new positive habits or quitting bad ones. 

Unsurprisingly, according to a study conducted by YouGov – an international internet-based market research and data analytics firm – the most popular New Year’s resolution being set for 2018 is to adopt healthier eating habits. 

With so many people attempting to follow a more balanced eating plan this year, the search for foods that are both tasty and nutritional is rife. 

It’s no wonder then that the demand for superfoods – foods said to be rich in nutrients that offer immense health benefits – has continued to boom. 

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Roger Horak, co-founder and Global CEO of OZblu blueberries, a producer of new blueberry varieties in the Southern Hemisphere, says that blueberries’ superfood attributes have definitely played a role in their ever-growing popularity among busy nine-to-fivers, on-the-go moms and time-bound students. 

“Unlike many other superfoods, blueberries are both versatile and convenient – serving as either the perfect stand-alone snack or sweet addition to almost any healthy meal or smoothie – as they are naturally packed with juicy flavours and nutrients.” 

And there’s no need to ration when it comes to blueberries, adds Horak. “On average, consumers should be eating two to three servings of fruit a day, which means that one could essentially get away with eating three punnets of blueberries a day if the heart desires – it’s definitely not bad for you.” 

This should hopefully make accomplishing the resolution of eating better a bit easier for all those trying, says Horak, pointing to research conducted by the US news which reveals that about 80% of people fail to  stick to their New Year's resolutions for longer than six weeks.