When it comes to stacking up the pantry at home, one of the most important items on your list has to be peanut butter. Picture: Supplied
When it comes to stacking up the pantry at home, one of the most important items on your list has to be peanut butter. Picture: Supplied

Healthy foods to stock up on when the budget is tight

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jul 7, 2020

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As unemployment grows amid the age of coronavirus, so do the concerns about putting food on the table. 

That said, doctors have also been urging people to eat healthy foods that can help make their bodies’ immune systems stronger and so avoid becoming infected. 

Yebo Fresh has shared some food items which contain a variety of nutrients like vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants that can benefit your overall health during this unprecedented time. 

The grocery list is also perfect for when you are on a tight budget. You will be able to stretch your grocery budget to help make ends meet and make sure you have food on the table for your family.  

Tomatoes. Picture: Supplied


This amazing round red fruit is great with salads, burgers, and even on its own. They contain a large amount of calcium and Vitamin K, both of which are essential in strengthening and fixing minor repairs to our bones. Tomatoes are also packed full of valuable nutrients like chromium which is known to help diabetics keep their blood sugar levels under control. 


Butternut is a wholesome and delicious vegetable which is great for many different dishes. But more importantly, they have a large number of benefits that do wonders for our bodies. Just like tomatoes, this orange hourglass-shaped vegetable is also really great for making our bones strong and it’s a good source of food for weight loss. Perfect for those who would like to use this quarantine to get into shape. 

Peanut butter. Picture: Supplied

Peanut butter

When it comes to stacking up the pantry at home, one of the most important items on your list has to be peanut butter. There is just something special about the way it sticks to your pallet and slowly melts down your throat. 

Peanut butter is also a great source of energy for those who are interested in building some muscle. All you have to do is slather it on some bread after a workout and you’re good to go. This delicious spread is also really great when combined with jam and it will surely satisfy your hunger during the lockdown. 


Onions might not be everyone’s favourite vegetable, but they are certainly good for us. They’re filled with all the nutrients and fibres our bodies need to stay healthy. Surprisingly enough, onions can also be used to treat bee stings as they help remove the pain almost immediately. So, the next time you peel onions and start crying, just think of all the great health benefits you are getting.

Baked beans. Picture: Supplied

Baked beans 

Other than being really tasty and yummy, baked beans are also a great source of protein for those who would like to build some muscle during the lockdown. This important nutrient doesn’t only help promote healthy muscle tissue but it also keeps your body energised throughout the day, which in turn will give you the energy to work out for long periods of time. 


This tasty fish is one of the best ingredients you can have in your pantry. They go deliciously well with pasta, curry, and even on toast. You can also use them as a core ingredient for tasty fish cakes. They're also packed with Vitamin D which keeps our bones and immune system healthy.  So, be sure to grab this nutritious treat the next time you do your shopping. 

Legumes. Picture:Gregory Johnston


These sources of protein are a great staple to have in your kitchen and are ideal items that last longer than poultry or meat. Stock up on split peas, beans, and lentils to add a boost to your health. They are also rich in fibre, B-vitamins, iron, calcium, and zinc, all essentials to a great immune system. 

Fresh fruit 

This goes without saying, but fruits are important to add to your shopping list, especially during winter months, when our bodies need more help fighting off any bacteria or viruses. They serve as a great snack, juice or even ingredient in a healthy smoothie, and are naturally low in fat and sodium. Pick up some lemons, apples, oranges, and bananas when you place your next order, and give your body the boost it needs.

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