Heinz launches the mash-up called Mayochup. Picture from heinz.com

The internet asked for it and Heinz delivered, Mayochup is a available in the USA.

People were mixing tomato sauce and mayonnaise for years, and then it came to light that the mixture was available in the Middle East. 

Twitter went crazy and Heinz launched a poll asking Tweeps if they would buy Mayochup.

More than half a million people voted YES and the company launched the product in the USA this month.

The team at Delish were lucky enough to get a few bottles of Mayochup delivered for them to taste and although the descriptions were varied the overall response was positive.

Madison Flager from Delish writes: "Three bottles, two batches of fries, and several hungry editors concluded not only was the stuff delicious, but also that it's the predominantly mayo-forward condiment this world needs. Some noted the "saucy sauce" was sweeter, while same compared it to tartar sauce and Thousand Island dressing. All decided mayochup is never a bad idea."

It's not yet available in South Africa, but Heinz has proven that where there is a demand, they will deliver so hopefully it will on our shelves soon!