Sushi with Whisky
Today is International Sushi Day.  This day was first celebrated in 2009 and was created for one simple reason- to encourage people around the world to eat more sushi. 

So, have you ever wondered how to eat sushi properly? Do you have to have wasabi with it and does soy sauce make a difference? And do you have to use chopsticks? 

Rather than stuffing your mouth, we have asked owner of Fish and Wine Company, Brett Whitehouse to share with us the traditional way of eating sushi. 

Whitehouse said the right way to eat sushi is the way you enjoy eating sushi, so no rules and most importantly, y ou can use chopsticks or your fingers. 

Here are his other tips: 
  • Do not mix the wasabi into the soy sauce rather dip your fish into the soy sauce and add wasabi to the fish.
  • If it is rolled sushi like California Roll then only dip a small section of the rice into the soy. The rice absorbs the soy sauce and will overpower the flavour of the fish if soaked. If it’s Nigiri, dip the fish section and not the rice into the soy sauce.
  • Each piece of sushi should be made to a size to fit into your mouth in one bite.
  • Take a piece of ginger to clean your palate between eating the different sushi options on your platter.
  • Start with your leaner fish (like white fish etc) and end with your fattier fish (tuna or salmon). Eat your rolled sushi last.