January is here, and with it brings a huge amount of healthy eating options - one of which is veganuary. Picture: Supplied

January is here, and with it brings a huge amount of healthy eating options - one of which is veganuary. 

Veganuary involves eating more plants and cutting out animal products from your diet for the first month of the year. 

According to experts, going vegan can be a very tough decision to make, especially if you are coming from a diet with meat in it. 

So, if you are planning to give it a go, here is how to stay on track.

Speaking to pioneering Zimbabwean vegan chef, Nicola Kagora, who is also known as chef Cola, she said going vegan for a month can change your life and the environment around it drastically. 

“For example water reduction globally, and environmental uplifts. You start to see physical benefits to your body, health conditions such as weight are better controlled through the vegan diet, and chronic diseases are better improved via plant-based diets. 

"Vegan food gives us more energy to go about day to day tasks, you become part of the solution, not the problem, and a voice to the voiceless. Veganism naturally stirs you towards animal, environment and climate action. You not only change your life but the loved ones around you also slowly start to take better care of themselves,” said Kagora. 

Below are tips by Kagora on how to stay on track this veganuary

Veganuary website

Follow the Veganuary website for tips, ideas on meal plans and places to eat out that are supportive of the veganuary movement.

Have a support team

It does not have to be a self-challenge, get your friends and family involved for encouragement and support - this also makes it more interactive.

Be kind to yourself 

Do not be too hard or judgmental on yourself or others who are trying veganuary for the first time.

Speak to other vegans 

Speak to vegans on your local vegan social groups. Meeting and interacting with like-minded people gives you a sense of direction and belonging.

Watch television shows

Watch life-changing documentaries and films on the plant-based diet. For example, How To Go Vegan by Veganuary, Forks Over Knives or The Game Changers on Netflix.