Sherwyn Weaisch
The annual East Coast Radio House and Garden Show kick things off on Thursday, until the 8th of July at the Durban Exhibition Centre. 

Themed “Home is Where the Heart is” this décor event will showcase a variety of things, from Durban’s top locally curated products, fashion, furniture to showcasing Durban’s best and unexplored foodie locations.

Speaking of food, this year’s show will highlight cultural, traditional, and contemporary food in the brand-new feature Discover Durban Cuisine Kitchen where local cooking talent will be celebrated. We had a one-on-one with some of the chefs and foodies who are part of the event about Durban food, what we should be eating more this winter and what we should expect from them on the show, here is what they had to say.  

What is the one thing people get wrong about Durban cuisine? 
Kayla-Anne Osbourn – The Chef’s Table:  I think there is a lot of negativity about Durban food on a whole. I am so tired of hearing, ‘Oh that will never work in Durban, the Durban market isn’t ready for that’. There has been such a big movement in Durban with regards to fine dining, casual dining, coffee, wine, bars and most importantly our suppliers. As a city we are so unique, so many cultures, beautiful weather and happy people.

Ursula Rohrs (Rohrs Consulting Chefs)- Wonderbag demonstration:  People do not realize how diverse the food is - with influences of British, Indian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, German and Italian cultures a lot of locally sourced, organic and unique ingredients are available in Durban.

Zakia Kapadiya- (Defy appliances) -Hirsch’s and Defy cooking demonstration:  People tend to believe that Durban cuisine specialises in mainly curries etc. however Durban’s cuisine is special in all sorts of cultural flavours like:  Italian (pizza or pasta),  Indian (bunny chows or samoosas) and  English (roasts or grills).  The best food is cooked here in Durbs.

What can we expect from you at the ECR House & Garden Show? 

Chef Sherwyn Weaich (The Gourmet Bushie) - Head Chef and MC:  This year I’m extremely excited about the Discover Durban Cuisine Theater at The House and Garden Show, to regular show goers, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing and they can attest to it. For those thinking about coming, stop! Consider your decision made and let me feed you during one of my demonstrations.

Tanya Visser (The Garden Guru)- Meat eater vs vegetarian challenge:  Taking something really simple and creating a feast for your taste buds, cooking with herbs.

Chilli Chocolate Chefs- Zainub and Faatimah Paruk:  You can expect a Middle Eastern flavour burst! We have an array of light meals that can be whipped up easily, as well as, gourmet canapé ideas to inspire the foodie in you.

What should we be eating more of this winter?

Kayla-Anne:  What winter? This is Durban. Joking, I’m eating a lot of curry of course. The oranges are really beautiful at the moment. So are the pomegranates. Our local lamb is jut stunning as well. Taylors Meats is selling KZN reared lamb, it is beautiful!

Sherwyn When it comes to winter we all try snack on healthy alternatives but we always fall short. Instead try making small changes and including lots more dark green and rooting vegetables. Think roasted butternut and carrot soups or char grilled broccoli as a salad option during a braai.

Ursula Rohrs Slow cooked meals and soups, packed full of vegetables and cooked slowly and energy savingly in your Wonderbag. There is nothing more satisfying than cooking with Home grown vegetables.