Carte Blanche's Devi Govender. Picture: Bongani Mbatha
South Africa is possibly one of the most diverse countries. The cultures and languages alone make it vibrant and interesting. 

Few countries are like South Africa and our appreciation of each other’s culture does make us stronger as a country. And even with the issues that sometimes show their ugly heads, we
still have something that unites us – and that is Heritage Day.

Devi Sankaree (Broadcaster and co-anchor of Carte Blanche)

What’s your favourite traditional food?

Mutton breyani, hands down. Mutton breyani made with real mutton, like C1 or even C2.

Can you cook it?

Of course, I can cook. I’m a KZN girl. They breed us well down here. Many don’t think I can cook, (I’m) not sure why there is this common misconception. Somebody once told me that I look like I can’t cook. I was deeply offended.

What makes it a special dish for you?

Breyani is special because it takes a long time to make. Cooking gives me time to think and there is no doubt in my mind that food is a huge part of what makes up culture. Breyani brings back memories of my childhood growing up in Umzinto, on the South Coast.

What do you normally have it with?

Double-thick yoghurt with grated cucumber and minced garlic, mint, chillies, dhania and onions.
If you were to have a party at your place, would you serve it?

Yes, the nice thing about breyani is that it goes a long way. It’s a one-pot wonder that doesn’t get too much credit.

What are your thoughts on maas with phuthu – do you eat it with or without sugar?

Definitely without sugar. I’m a phuthu purist.

What does Heritage Day mean to you as a South African? 

It’s a reminder that we are made up of each other’s diversity. I love that.