Would you eat tomato sauce ice cream? Picture: Tip Top Ice Cream. Facebook

I love ice cream and I love tomato sauce, but the thought of the two combined turns my stomach.

Recently, an American-owned food producer in New Zealand, Wattie’s, announced on Facebook that it had partnered with ice cream brand Tip Top Ice Cream to produce a limited-edition ice cream.

The big news about this particular ice cream is that unlike the usual soft serve - it features a tomato sauce ripple running down the middle.

The post stirred mixed feelings about the new frozen treat.  

Wattie’s posted a picture of the packaging with the caption: “It’s happening! We’ve teamed up with Tip Top Ice Cream to create this wonderful limited-edition ice cream. Anyone keen to try it when it’s ready?”.

The Facebook post garnered than 20 000 comments and over 5 000 shares.

One user, Eric James Warren said: “I’m that guy who would put tomato sauce on anything. But this, this is an abomination."

Another user, Danni Roadley said: “Eww, no thanks. Tomato sauce does not belong with ice cream.”

Samantha Maguire came to Wattie's defence and said she actually thinks this would be okay.

“I like vanilla ice cream with sweet chilli sauce, so it’s the same.”