Angela day pizza potato bake. Picture: Steve Lawrence 010610

London - Pizza - it should be so simple. In its place of origin, Naples, anything other than a chewy base, tomato sauce and mozzarella is considered blasphemy.

But pizza is undergoing a reinvention.

It’s not just takeaways messing about with the traditional recipe (chain Deliverance is the latest with its creme fraiche and smoked salmon pizza) - even chefs who should know better are after a slice of the action.

Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks chain has just renamed pizza “flats” and is topping them with unholy combinations, designed to tempt the British taste for traditional foods, such as pork shoulder and Stilton, or “fish pie” (cockles, leeks, potatoes and pollock).

Meanwhile, chain Fire & Stone is touting roast potato pizza and Pizza Hut has launched the hotdog-stuffed crust pizza (a mere 300 calories a slice) and a pizza cupcake.

Maybe there really is a demand for the outlandish, but perhaps the one thing chefs need to keep in mind is that there’s already something designed specially to hold your main course - a “plate”. - Daily Mail