Lalla Hirayama. Picture: Instagram
South Africa is possibly one of the most diverse countries.  The cultures and languages alone make it vibrant and  interesting. 

Few countries are like South Africa and our appreciation of  each other’s culture does make us stronger as a country.  And even with the issues that sometimes show their ugly heads, we  still have something that unites us — and that is Heritage Day.

Lalla Hirayama (TV and Radio Presenter) 

What’s your favourite traditional food?

Hiyashi Chuka (cold ramen).

Can you cook it?


What makes it a special dish for you?

It tastes like my favourite childhood memories. 

What do you normally have with it?

Tamago-yaki, nori, deep fried spring onion, cut up cucumbers and wakame. 

If you were to have a party at your place, would you serve it?

Absolutely, It is a summer dish and more a lunchtime meal, but I think most people would love it.

Tell us about the significance of Heritage Day for you? 

With the fast paced way of the world and there is more focus on the new and cool, it is important to ground ourselves in the powerful substance that we all inherited from our ancestors. 

All cultures have an important place in the world. It is soimportant to remember and celebrate the unique ways of our forefathers. It is just as important to show respect and be open to learn about other cultures and traditions. 

The world has become small, but heritage makes each of us unique. Heritage Day reminds us of where each of us comes from. The remarkably special background of every person on our planet must never be forgotten.

May we all celebrate, recognise and take pride in our own beautiful heritage.