Few people have time to sit around the table and enjoy a traditional breakfast. Picture: Futurelife
Dietitian, Angela Leach says new eating trends and busy lifestyles have changed the way people do breakfast.
"It’s 2019 and our lifestyles are busy. Few people have time to sit around the table and enjoy a traditional breakfast. 

Our shortage of spare time has lead to the development of convenience foods, meal kits, food delivery services and when it comes to breakfast we see people opting for quick and easy bars, trail mixes, breakfast biscuits, shakes and smoothies,” Leach adds.

Leach lists three food trends that's changed the we people enjoy breakfast. 

Plant-based eating

This trend is a huge trend with more individuals choosing plant-based meal options at least some of the time, for either health, compassion or environmental reasons. 

While bacon and eggs are still a firm breakfast favourite for many, more and more people are opting for meat-free alternatives. 

Those following this trend should search for good quality plant proteins such as soy, tofu, legumes, walnuts, tempeh, seeds and whole grains.

Clean Eating

This is another major trend worldwide. 

We are seeing people steering away from highly processed or refined breakfast options and rather opting for wholefood, natural alternatives wherever possible.

Craveable condiments and spreads 

There are certain “it” foods that people love to include in their breakfast Instagram story. 

Think avocado, berries and seeds. 

Trendy foods have become essential at home and on restaurant breakfast menus.