How to get the perfect ice cream scoop
Whether it's a treat for after dinner or a necessary indulgence after a messy break up, a bowl of ice cream is an instant mood lifter.
But there's nothing worse than having to wait 10 minutes for the frozen dessert to become soft enough to scoop after it's come straight from the freezer.
There is a handy hack, however, that means you can eat your ice-cream as soon as you open up the tub - and it only takes 30 seconds.
All you need to do for the very simple ice-cream hack is to use a knife to cut the entire tub of ice cream into a grid shape before using a scoop balls of the treat.
The secret is to heat up both utensils before using them by running them under a hot tap for a few seconds each side.
The warm knife will help to soften the ice cream while you cut it into a grid shape, and the hot scoop will finish the process so that you can then easily roll the ice cream into a ball and place it into your bowl (or straight into your mouth).
Cutting the ice cream into a grid shape first helps to loosen the ice cream and make it less hard. 
Some people like to hasten the defrosting process by heating their ice-cream in the microwave for a few seconds so it becomes soft enough to scoop. But the danger with that trick is that the ice-cream can quickly turn into a puddle. 
You really want to avoid melting your ice cream as it becomes a messy puddle

The hot scoop hack is not the only ice cream tip to gain popularity amongst fans of the frozen dessert in recent memory.
Last year, two 14-year-old schoolboys, Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald, of Denver in the US, came up with an ingenious solution to dripping ice cream cones.
They invented the Drip Drop - an edible wafer disc that slots onto your ice cream cone and stops the drips from covering your hands and falling onto the floor. 
The teens secured an investment from US businesswoman Barbara Corcoran of $50,000 for a 33 per cent stake for their idea, after appearing on Shark Tank.