Options like this chia-berry overnight oats, are ideal for the office
Having to maintain a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as it may seem. 
Food delivery apps have started stepping up to the plate to make our lives as employees easier, especially when it comes to having a proper, healthy and tasty lunch at work. 

One of South Africa’s food delivery apps, OrderIn, is fast becoming the easiest way to get your healthy food fix. 
Speaking to the chief executive officer and founder of OrderIn, Dinesh Patel, he said balance was hard to maintain when your work life gets busy. 
“All too often, employees do not have healthy options available in the canteen or in their area, but with OrderIn you can stick to your meat-free Mondays or carb-free lunches. 
“Our app gives you all the healthy food choices around your office,” he said. 

Here are Patel's tips on how you can change your office diet to be a healthier one:
  • Do not skip breakfast – this will only make you want to snack on unhealthy foods such as chips or sweets. 
  • Eat at regular intervals.
  • Make sure to only keep healthy food at your desk in order to avoid temptation.
  • Rather than having that extra cup of coffee, take a 10-minute walk around the office – it'll help clear your head space.
  • To avoid temptation, plan your meals ahead. Drink a lot of water.
Patel said people can enjoy a variety of healthy foods at Durban’s Nu Health Food Café in uMhlanga, Little Gujurat in uMhlanga and Durban central and Café Java in Durban North when using OrderIn.

Nu Health Café – uMhlanga
Salad or wrap, chia-berry overnight oats, the health nut smoothie bowl, smoked salmon omelette, matcha flapjacks.
Little Gujurat – uMhlanga and Durban Central
Mixed-vegetable curry, mushroom pea curry or dal khichdi.
Café Java – Durban North
Banting breakfast, butternut salad, vegetable wrap.