Making a grilled cheese sandwich isn't exactly hard - all you need is cheese, butter and a frying pan.
But apparently we've all been making this cheap and cheerful classic wrong because there's another ingredient that could really up your toastie game.
Australian food writer Tristan Lutz says we should swap butter for mayonnaise - which will apparently guarantee that your grilled cheese sandwich is perfectly golden and crisp.


There are many different ways of making a grilled cheese sandwich but one of the most common methods is to butter your bread before grilling it or frying it in a pan.
But if you haven't melted your better enough, you can easily tear through the bread or not have an even spread of fat. 
And while butter on the outside of your sandwich will give the sandwich that distinctive golden hue and prevent it from sticking to your toastie maker or frying pan, mayonnaise apparently does the job much better.

Tristan says that using mayonnaise is more effective because it browns more evenly and will give you 'a crispier, meltier, more delicious result'.
Essentially the mayonnaise turns into a thin layer of oil that will coat the outer layer of your grilled cheese and make sure it doesn't burn: creating a perfectly melted, gooey, cheese snack.
However be warned, as one thing that he doesn't mention is that you will be left with the taste of hot mayonnaise, which isn't to everyone's cup of tea.
And in fact, Felicity Cloake for the Guardian asserted that for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, you only need to lightly oil the pan rather than butter the inside and outside of your bread, which she says makes it less greasy.

Daily Mail