And like Champagne, Prosecco is a brand whose image is jealously guarded.
As anyone who grows their own fruit and vegetables knows, something that you've made yourself just seems to taste better than anything you could buy at the supermarket. 

And the same surely applies to home-made Prosecco, which is now a possibility thanks to a new kit that shows you exactly how to make a bottle of fizz at home.

Without the need for a miracle or divine intervention, the £19.99 (R360) kit shows you how to turn water into sparkling wine in just a couple of weeks.

All you need for a bottle of home-made 'Prosecco' is warm water, as well as the yeast and sugar sachets that come in the new Mysecco kits from Victor's Drinks.  You won't need to press any grapes or buy any expensive equipment to transform these humble ingredients into fizz.

All you need to do is pour warm water, the yeast and the sugar into the provided bottle, swirl it around, seal with a cap, and leave it alone.
In just 14 days, you'll be sipping on sparkling wine.


The wine is supposed to have 'citrus notes' and one review says the drink is 'disproportionately delicious considering how little effort is involved.'
The kit provides you with all the instructions you need to be able to make your own Prosecco at home.

After adding the ingredients and leaving the bottle untouched for 12 days, you flip the cap, then flip the bottle upside down and leave for 24 hours.

The next day, you add the provided 'fizz tablets' that will turn the drink fizzy, seal with a cork and then chill for 24 hours. 

The kits could prove popular after the rise in popularity of the craft beer and artisan gin trend this year. 

Almost every pub serves some kind of craft beer these days, and a few years ago, there were several guides on how to have a mini-brewery at home.
Could craft Prosecco be the next big trend? 

Daily Mail