We’ve all heard mixing drinks can make you ill, is there any truth to this?
Vodka lovers, it’s time to upgrade your beloved beverage for something even more delicious.
Absolut vodka has made an addition to its core range of flavours – which is lime – and it seems this beverage complements the range as a key ingredient in many of today’s classic drinks, as  it brings out different recipes.

Bartender community manager Kresan Naidu said all flavoured Absolut vodkas are natural and have no added sugar or artificial flavouring.
“Absolut lime is no different – we use the oils or essence from fresh limes to flavour Absolut lime. It is easy to mix, giving even the simplest drinks a rich character that is full-bodied, yet refreshing”, he said.
Absolut lime vodka.
As much as this spirit can be associated with shots or cocktails, did you know that you can drink it with meals? According to Naidu, the Absolut lime vodka pairs extremely well with lots of types of food.

● If you are enjoying Absolut lime on the rocks (which you can do), then I would suggest a light
fish dish. Ceviche (a fish dish cured in lime) would be one of my favourites.
● If you are enjoying it in a cocktail, the Absolut lime mule is a winner with a braai or lamb chops with light spices.
● If you are enjoying the lime iced tea, then roast chicken with carrots and potatoes would be my next best.