Pic: Taste of South Africa.
Pic: Taste of South Africa.

Iconic food that South African expats crave while living abroad

By Staff Reporter Time of article published May 20, 2019

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Many South Africans end up spending a couple of years living abroad. While friends, family, the weather and South Africans’ unique sense of humour and take on life might be at the top of their “What I Miss the Most” list, you can be sure certain foods feature right up there too.

South African food is truly unique and is missed by South Africans living abroad. 
Here are some of the things South African expats miss most about home, and what they pay for the overseas:

Biltong R550 for 500g
Droewors R320 for 500g
Boerewors R142 for 600g
Pronutro R96 for 500g
Potjies (size 4 is R1 700)
Black Cat peanut butter - R98
Romany Creams and Eat Sum More biscuits R54
Nik Naks R48
Lunchbars R22
Ouma Rusks R98
Inkomazi, chakalaka and mieliepap R75
Koeksisters R75 for 10

South African wines,  Hunters Dry and  Ceres juice also make the list of top sellers

Other things that are missed:
Samoosas and bunny chow,  Fizzers, f ish paste,  Beacon marshmallow eggs, k ingklip, s noek on the braai, v enison (especially springbok), S teers burgers and  Spur burgers.

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