Casper the Friendly Pizza Picture: Supplied

In the hot seat: celebs in the kitchen at #CelebChefShowdown

How much would you pay to have a meal cooked for you by one of your favourite celebrities and also have them come out to serve and ask you how much you’re enjoying their culinary skills? 

Halloween Recipe: Casper the Friendly Pizza

Casper the Friendly Pizza Picture: Supplied

Fake blood sauce!  Spider olives with every dish!  Scary, mummified food creations! These are all meals worthy enough of being served at a Halloween party. 

Coming soon: SA's first plastic-free store

Reusable containers and compostable bags will also be available for purchase.

The Zero Waste movement is steadily picking up steam, and it’s all thanks to a woman called Bea Johnson. 

Darren Maule and his co-host win the first #CelebChefShowdown of 2017

Darren Maule, Sky Tshabalala and Keri Miller serving guests their starter. They eventually won the showdown between them and the East Coast Radio drive team. Picture: Supplied

Wednesday was the first of Gateway’s Celeb Chef showdowns and it pitted the East Coast Radio breakfast and afternoon drive teams against each other.

Sumting Fresh: Meals on wheels the real deal

Food trucks and gourmet street food is the democratisation of food. No longer do we have to rely on going to restaurants and hotels to eat good food.