#Misohawni Restaurant causes a social media storm

#MiSoHawni caused a stir on social media this week. Pic from Facebook

When restaurant owners Ryan Vermaak and Fabio di Cosmo chose the name of their new #Misohawni restaurant in Mellville, Johannesburg, they surely never imagined that it would start trending for all the wrong reasons.

Joburg restaurateurs say 'me so sorry', agree to rebrand #MiSoHawni

The owners of #MiSoHawni are re-branding - Pic Instagram

After a social media backlash about their poor name choice of their restaurant, Ryan Vermaak and Fabio Di Cosmo have apologised and will take "immediate steps to rectify the issue."

How to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich

Making a grilled cheese sandwich isn't exactly hard - all you need is cheese, butter and a frying pan.

But apparently we've all been making this cheap and cheerful classic wrong because there's another ingredient that could really up your toastie game.

The dishes you should never order at a restaurant

The old adage that you should never order fish at a restaurant on a Monday may have been disproven, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t dishes that industry insiders avoid.

In an online discussion, restaurant workers including chefs and waiting staff have revealed which menu items they would advise people to avoid when dining out.

Chateau Gateaux dumps polystyrene packaging

Managing Director Ilan Lipschitz. model Nicola Colyn, in a dress made of our new packaging, designed by Kelly Love an undergraduate student at DUT, Director, Malcom Lyle. Picture: Sibonelo Ngcobo/ANA

Environmental sustainability is very important and it's become even more important for all of us to play a role in making sure that the environmental conservation is a priority. 

Even the food we eat and the containers that carry that food, have a high chance of potentially being detrimental to the environment.