I'm going vegetarian 3 times a week - Jamie

By JEMMA BUCKLEY Time of article published May 13, 2015

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London - He says success in mastering his recipes lies in the timing.

And it is just as vital an ingredient for Jamie Oliver in building his business, it seems.

The celebrity chef has come out in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle – just ahead of the launch of his vegetarian cookbook.

He has revealed he tries to be vegetarian two or three times a week, and said adopting such a lifestyle would save people “a load of money”.

He described the experience as “an absolute joy” and encouraged others to enjoy “more plant-based delights” because it is “beneficial for the environment and your wallet”.

Oliver has revealed he has written a vegetarian cookbook – but says he is struggling to get Channel 4 to make a programme because producers are “not yet convinced the general public want to see it”. The 39-year-old said: “Vegetarian and well-managed vegan diets are looking very good at the moment in general health terms.

“We should all be learning from them and focusing on enjoying more plant-based delights. I personally try to eat vegetarian two to three times a week.

“It will save you a load of money and it challenges you to be more creative but it’s been an absolute joy.”

Oliver, who turns 40 next week, wrote about the topic during a discussion on parenting website Mumsnet. He is promoting his upcoming Food Revolution Day, which is part of a global campaign to put compulsory food education on the school curriculum.

“As far as meat is concerned, many parts of the world which have areas of very long life expectancy do eat lots of vegetables but they do also eat meat too,” he continued.

He said he wasn’t scaremongering about eating meat, adding. “If you love meat go for higher quality and in moderation… Winding back is definitely a good idea. It is also definitely beneficial for the environment and your wallet!”

The chef, who is married to Jools, 40, with whom he has four children – Poppy, 13, Daisy, 12, Petal, six, and Buddy Bear, four – added: “I’ve written a vegetarian book and I’m waiting for the chance for Channel 4 to show it. They’re not yet convinced the general public want to see it, personally in my position I disagree.”

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