How much would you pay to have a meal cooked for you by one of your favourite celebrities and also have them come out to serve and ask you how much you’re enjoying their culinary skills? 
See, it’s not every day that we get to see the stars go against each other in the kitchen and that’s why Gateway Theatre of Shopping’s annual Celeb Chef  Showdown has become really popular with both celebrities and their fans. 

This year’s celeb chefs are Uzalo star Dawn Thandeka King, musician Kyle Deutsch, TV director and comedienne Krijay Govender, actress and interior designer Renate Stuurman, actress and presenter Jailoshni Naidoo, magician Mo Magic, the breakfast and afternoon presenters at East Coast Radio, and professional chefs and judges of reality TV cooking shows Pete Goffe-Wood and Benny Masekwameng. 
It’s an impressive (and diverse) list of famous people taking part in ordercompeting to win the bragging rights of being this year’s best celeb chef, while giving back to their chosen charity organisation. We asked some of them about being participants at this year’s edition of Celeb Chef Cook-Off and whether they even know how to cook. 

What’s the one thing you tried cooking and you were scared it wasn’t going to work out, but it did and was delicious? 
Kyle Deutsch: Toast with peanut butter and banana.
Dawn Thandeka King: Spaghetti Bolognese
Krijay Govender: I can’t boast about my skills as a comedian nor can I boast about my mothering skills, but I can boast about my stuffed turkey. It’s succulent, full of flavour and delicious.
Kerri Miller: My first gluten-free bread. It actually looked horrific but was delicious.
Sky Tshabalala: To be honest, I stay at home so I don’t usually find myself in that situation, haha. But the one year I lived in Australia I tried cooking spaghetti Bolognese from a cookbook (well Google) and the results were outstanding.

The biggest kitchen trick you have picked up over the years when cooking?
KD: The spaghetti-sticks-to-the-roof trick is just a guide.
DTK: When in doubt… add more salt.
KG: A blob of butter just before serving.
KM: I use scissors instead of knives…. For EVERYTHING.
ST: Not too many... I make basic stew this is if I really, really have too to.

What’s the one seasoning you use more than any other? Why?
KD: Coriander. It makes everything tastier.  
DTK: Pepper. It actually enhances the taste.
KG: Other than salt which is an obvious one, I love black pepper. It’s to meat what perfume is to women (or sweaty wrestlers).
KM: Himalayan rock salt
ST: Hahahaha still thinking about…

How good are your knife skills? 
KD: Not too sharp.
DTK: Not so lekker.
KG: As a weapon, I’m brilliant. As a chef, I’m adequate.
KM: Terrible. Don’t let me use them
ST: Better on PS4

The biggest misconception about cooking is?
KD: It’s too difficult for the average person.
DTK: Food is to fill the stomach.
KG: That it is difficult. It’s not. It requires preparation and patience… like all successful things in life.
KM: You have to know what you’re doing. You really don’t.
ST: That the complicated recipe makes the best food – FALSE!

The Gateway Celeb Chef Showdown kicks off with the ECR Breakfast and Afternoon Drive teams going against each other at The Hussar Grill on Wednesday, October 25. Tickets cost R199 a person for a three-course meal. Visit to book your space.