Pizza and beer. Picture: davidstewartgets on Visual Hunt / CC BY
Pizza and beer. Picture: davidstewartgets on Visual Hunt / CC BY

International Beer and Pizza Day: A simple guide to pairing beer and pizza

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Oct 9, 2019

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October 9 is International Beer and Pizza Day, a day that celebrates the food combination of beer and pizza, which are both enjoyed all around the world. These both offer many varieties. 

According to The Beer Store, beer and pizza is a crowd favourite that can’t go wrong, but the combination is not usually given much thought, and that choosing the right beers to match different pizzas can enhance the meal.  

This is how you can go about pairing your beer and pizza to celebrate, according The Beer Store. 

  • A classic margarita pizza is light in flavour and is best served with pilsners that are also light as to not overpower the simplicity of the pizza’s ingredients. The hoppy flavours of an amber ale would also be ideal to complement the crust and cut through the acidity of the tomato sauce.

  • Traditional pepperoni pizzas are best paired with hoppy IPAs to cleanse the palette of salty, greasy flavours and balance the spices in the sauce. IPAs compare well with the dense crust and heavier ingredients of pepperoni pizza.

  • Bacon and pineapple pizza matches best with lagers and brown ales. The malt notes of a lager compliment the sweetness of the pineapple while the saltiness of the bacon contrasts the caramel undertones of a brown ale. 

  • If you're the one for a simple margherita pizza, try a pale ale. The ale’s malt flavor will complement the pizza’s toasty crust and balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. The lightness of the beer will also not drown out the subtle flavor of the mozzarella but rather push it to the forefront, allowing cheese to be the centre of attention, as it should be. 

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