Food Magazine: The Avocado Edition
Food Magazine: The Avocado Edition

IOL Food Mag wins Avo Ambassador 2020

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Mar 30, 2021

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When Covid-19 hit and affected the print media industry, we quickly pivoted to producing digital magazines.

With these magazines, it was all about showcasing the great work we produce on IOL Lifestyle.

The Avocado edition was our third issue of the IOL FOOD digital magazine and it was a true celebration of all things avocado. It was a love letter to the green gold the culinary world is obsessed with.

From soup and dessert, to it being the most popular ingredient for brunch dishes, avocado has come a long way and foodies all over the world have created some really fascinating dishes using it.

We entered the Avo Ambassador 2020 competition because we felt that the magazine was a true celebration of all things avocado.

In the editor’s note of that edition I charted my journey with avocado, which I used to abhor, until I was forced to have some at a music event in 2015.

“As I worked on this issue, choosing the recipes and editing the stories that are included in FOOD, I thought about my love/hate relationship with avocado.

“I used to hate it. I had it once as a child and it tasted like nothing. I avoided avocado for more than 20 years, until I found myself at an event and the only thing they served, where nachos and guacamole. I was cringing as I took a chip and scooped the guac. I popped it in my mouth, closed my eyes and was ready to confirm I hated it. But no. An explosion of flavours burst inside my mouth and soon I had managed to get a whole tub for myself. I haven't looked back ever since.“

The Avo Ambassador competition is run by the SA Avocado Growers Association and the it is all about celebrating avocados.

“The South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA) will be recognising two South African journalists who shine above the rest as Avocado Ambassadors. These journalists must be true advocates of the locally grown avocado and its merits. The nominated Avocado Ambassadors will be chosen according to their quality of content about avocados, visual appeal and the overall promotion of avocados.”

IOL FOOD was up against some of South Africa’s leading food glossies and lifestyle magazines and we came out tops.

It is fitting that it’s avocado season again and this is your chance to go back and read that magazine and try out the great recipes we curated. From grilled avocado and avocado soup, to avocado mousse, and of course the best tips for making guacamole, it’s packed with ever green recipes you will go back to, often.

Read it here

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