IOL Food March 2021 issue: How to cook autumn’s best produce

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Mar 31, 2021

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I always look forward to March. It’s the month that reminds us that the dog days of summer are finally over and to get ready for a new season- autumn.

Autumn has always been my favourite season. It’s never cold nor is it too hot. The days are shorter and I somehow find myself wanting to spend more time in the kitchen. And while it may not have the most exciting seasonal produce, it is one where I do the most cooking.

It is with that we curated this month’s FOOD magazine, by finding all the food that is in season and sourcing the recipes that bring out the best qualities of autumn produce.

I am a big fan of seasonal eating and have found that cooking seasonally, helps me be healthier and saves me a whole lot of money.

People always think that food in the colder months should be brown, sludgy and boring. But it really isn’t. Hence, we have nine pages that have green, yellow and red seasonal foods and how best to cook them. Your plate will be so colourful, one would think it’s spring all over again.

In other news, FOOD is officially an award winning magazine. Our avocado themed edition from July 2020 was awarded Avo Ambassador 2020 by the SA Avocado Growers Association, which is fantastic! We loved the work we did with that magazine and I sure hope you will go back to it as it is avocado season again.

Enjoy this month’s edition and have a blast cooking up a storm.

Let’s get cooking

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