Over the years food photography became very popular with our generation. It skyrocketed to a certain point where it saw a growth on one of the popular social media platforms Instagram, with the hashtag #InstaFood. 
Instagramming food is an obsession for many people and it’s actually quite a nice thing to do as it helps us get to know the latest food trends from food bloggers and chefs, and even better- get to know where to eat out. 
But people have gone to just taking pictures showing the food only to taking selfies with their food and pasta having to be the first dish making the selfie rounds.

Taking selfies while enjoyably eating a bowl of pasta has become one emerging and hottest new trend on instagram and by the look of things it is more of glamorous and beautiful ladies who are behind this trend. What would be the whole reason posing with pasta has now became a trend? 

According to the London Evening Standard the pasta pose started trending in October a month when the world celebrates pasta, with  World Pasta Day being on October 25. Seemingly this special food day had people on a pasta craze, that it had foodies and influencers pose with a forkful of their favourite pasta dishes. 

Will it end with pasta or will we be seeing more selfies with different dishes?  

Now serving: psychopath realness 😍and let me tell you, it tastes amazing #carocarboload #carowine 📸 @t_nguyen_t

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🍝 (only food emojis today)

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