French designer Jean Gaultier's leaf clutch bags leaves Tweeps amused. Picture: Twitter
French designer Jean Gaultier's leaf clutch bags leaves Tweeps amused. Picture: Twitter

’Is there food inside?’ Tweeps can't stop making fun of French designer Jean Gaultier's leaf clutch bag

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 23, 2021

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High-end fashion brands have always captured everyone's interests, for both right and wrong reasons. They try to come up with new designs every time that makes them stand out from the rest. Sometimes, they go too far.

This week, a Twitter user shared photos of leaf bags created by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The purses, a part of Gaultier’s 2010 spring-summer assortment, appear to be made of leaves.

“Leaf Bags from Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010 Haute Couture,” wrote @_gastt.

As reported by Vogue Magazine, Gaultier’s spring-summer assortment was impressed by the Aztec emperor Moctezuma. He was determined to go “tribal-eco”, together with his message within the assortment.

The post garnered more than 86 000 likes and several other reactions.

While some tweeps took the route of hilarity, others identified how the bag resembled several objects from different cultures. Some said the bags could hold tasty steamed meals from their cultures.

@chewytweetsnow wrote: “This looks like the banana leaves we eat food on in traditional South Indian meals lmao. You got some rice and sambhar in there??”

@yemygmaj wrote: “Everyone’s coming at the bag, but I think it’s interesting to see his approach to sustainability. We talk about fashion being more sustainable but when designers do it, they get clowned for it.”

Here are more reactions:

This is not the only bizarre fashion creation to have gone viral. In the recent past, Italian luxury brand Moschino had launched a new Baguette bag shaped like French bread.

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