Italian artist Paola Paronetto partners with Veuve Clicquot for the La Grande Dame 2015

Veuve, La Grande Dame 2015. Picture: Supplied

Veuve, La Grande Dame 2015. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 3, 2024


By Oceans Marasha

In a testament to creativity and heritage, Veuve Clicquot has introduced the La Grande Dame 2015, a radiant cuvée set to debut in South Africa this June.

Known for embodying the audacious spirit of Madame Clicquot, this vintage pays homage to her legacy and also celebrates hope and optimism through a partnership with Italian artist Paola Paronetto.

For over 250 years, Veuve Clicquot has epitomised innovation in the world of champagne, attributed to the pioneering spirit of Madame Clicquot herself. Renowned as “La Grande Dame de la Champagne”, she revolutionised the industry with achievements like the first vintage champagne and pioneering riddling techniques.

La Grande Dame cuvée stands as a tribute to her visionary contributions and the Maison's commitment to excellence.

Paronetto, an artist celebrated for her innovative Paper Clay technique, collaborates with Veuve Clicquot to bring a new dimension of artistry to La Grande Dame 2015.

Known for her tactile and visually striking creations inspired by nature, Paola's work resonates with Veuve Clicquot's ethos of sustainability and innovation. Her bespoke design for the champagne's gift box, crafted from 60% hemp and other recycled materials, reflects both her artistic vision and the Maison's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

“Through my works, I aim to balance joy and creativity, drawing inspiration from nature to envision a better future.

“Collaborating with Veuve Clicquot has allowed me to explore new horizons, creating a palette of nuanced colours and a play of light that harmonises with La Grande Dame’s essence," said Paronetto.

La Grande Dame 2015 showcases the mastery of Veuve Clicquot's Cellar Master, Didier Mariotti, highlighting over 90% Pinot Noir from prestigious crus like Verzenay, Verzy, Ambonnay, Bouzy, and Ay.

This vintage, characterised by its exceptional aging potential of over 15 years, exudes elegance and precision.

The 2015 harvest benefited from optimal weather conditions, yielding grapes that impart freshness, minerality, and a delicate bouquet of jasmine, acacia, pear, and clementine.

"This vintage reveals the verticality and precision of Pinot Noir from our historic crus, embodying the spirit of Madame Clicquot's vision," Veuve Clicquot Chef de Caves, Didier Mariotti, said.

La Grande Dame 2015 is now available in South Africa at select retailers and online, priced at R3,999.95. This exceptional cuvée invites enthusiasts to savor its complexity and finesse, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage and innovative spirit that define Veuve Clicquot.