SA Masterchef winner and TV chef Kamini Pather says it can be tricky for anyone who isn’t popping bottles regularly, to know the difference between champagne and MCC. 

“Most people don’t really understand the difference between Champagne and Method Cap Classique - MCC. It’s quite simple, Champagne can only be made in Champagne in France. Even though the liquid called MCC is made with the same grape varietals and methods, it cannot be called champagne because the grapes are not grown in that region.”

She adds: “MCC is not to be mistaken with sparkling wine which is carbonated grape juice. And now you know.”

If you’re still need some inspiration, Pather has shared her faves with us: 

Picture Ian Landsberg 
"The best MCC in SA would have to be Le Lude, made in the Western Cape in Franschoek. The Non Vintage Brut is made out of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, giving it a crisp finish with subtle citrus flavours. The bubbles are delicate on the palate which gives a glass of Le Lude a twinkly visual. It’s a fine breakfast quaff as well as any moment between sunrise and well beyond sunset." 

"Steenberg’s 1682 is up next and I remember this estate well because the owner of the estate, Lady Catharina, had been widowed a number of times and the Steenberg land was left to her in one of those passings. It’s slightly sweeter on the nose than the Le Lude with aromas of Granny Smith Apples and white peaches."  

"Simonsig’s Kaap Se Vonkel is one of those brands that can be seen in a much wider array of stores. The Brut pairs happily with freshly shucked oysters, Eggs Benedict or a splash of orange juice. The Brut Rose (because only real men drink pink drinks) is perfect for salmon sashimi, ruby grapefruit or even just a spicy takeaway."

"Saltare without any added sugar which gives it a biscuity finish. In the words of Chef Matt Manning “pairs well with Teriyaki Pork Bao” which I am inclined to agree with."

"Miss Molly is a fun MCC made by the lovelies at Moreson. One of Moreson’s core values is to support animal welfare and their range of Miss Molly wines donates a portion to the South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind and Animals in Distress. So while you sip on a glass of this spritely elixir, you’ll also be helping a noteworthy cause."