Kanye West. Picture: Drew Angerer

The rise of restaurants owned by celebrities is continuing, it’s a hot trend many are keen to cash in on.

Joining celebrities considering opening their own restaurants is American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West. 

West is reported to be extending his portfolio to restaurant owner as he is on a hunt for a site in California ’s Calabasas.

While the restaurant has yet to conceive a name, the menu is said to be inspired by the food his mother- Donda West- cooked when they lived in Chicago .

According to Radar Online, an American entertainment and gossip website, a source revealed that West: “has this vision of creating high-end comfort food just like his mom used to make- but with a price that’s as eye-watering as it is mouth-watering of course.”

It is also reported that West wants to follow in the footsteps of fellow rapper- turned restaurateur Nas, who went from being a rapper to a restaurant mogul, opening outlets of his fried chicken and cocktail bar Sweet Chick on both coasts.

The website also states that this is not the first time West has dipped his ladle in the restaurant pool. 

In 2008, his food company KW Foods, LLC reached an agreement to open ten Fatburger eateries around the Chicago area.