KFC New Zealand has decided that the world needs the Kentucky Angus burger- yes. A burger with both chicken and beef. It's part of the new #meatcake trend PICTURE: KFC
Trust KFC to come up with something so ridiculous, you can't help but wonder why they would do it. But they have gotten away with a number of meals that look really out of place. So now they have decided to add one more element to their signature burgers- beef. Only available in New Zealand, it's called the Kentucky Angus burger, the burger meal has crispy bacon, chicken fillet, and 100% Angus beef patty and KFC describes it as: "this brand new beauty has the best of both worlds." 

So I don't know how to feel about this #meatcake situation. Apparently it's already big in Japan, where people choose to have meat shaped liked cakes and instead of the usual sugary confection, they are served meat. You just choose how you like your meat. OK. 

Apparently this meat cake KFC New Zealand has created is to celebrate the fast food chain's founder, Colonel Sanders' 127th birthday. I wonder how he fels about beef now being part of the food sold at KFC. The whole point of KFC is that it's supposed to be chicken, right? 

As if it wasn't already odd enough, there's a video on Instagram of a woman making a KFC wings crown. You know, like the flower crowns that everyone wears to music festivals, but this time it's chicken wings? 

I guess we have to hand it to KFC for innovation, right?