Eating and preparing Southern European food is laden with as many rules as any other cuisine.
Eating and preparing Southern European food is laden with as many rules as any other cuisine.

LOOK: Italians want people to stop messing with their food

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Dec 4, 2020

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Italian food is one of the most beloved cuisines in the world, and Italians are proud of their culinary traditions.

But why wouldn’t they be? From pizza to pasta, Italian cuisine is undeniably superb.

To prove how Italians take their food very seriously there is a Twitter account called Italians Mad At Food. It documents the best of Italians commenting and yelling at people about all the ways they have spoilt their cuisine.

They are discovering what people, namely food content creators, are doing to their beloved dishes, and they are not happy about it.

Here are some of our favourite comments:

When it comes to Italian cuisine there are certain mistakes people make.

Italian grub is often regarded as a comfort food lacking in strict conventions and etiquette. But, if the advice of Italian chefs and experts is anything to go by, eating and preparing southern European food is laden with as many rules as any other cuisine. That's if you want to do it right, anyway.

Top Italian chefs reveal some of the most cringe-worthy mistakes diners and cooks make:


“One of the biggest mistakes restaurants can make when making spaghetti alla carbonara is to use cream instead of egg yolks,” says Antonio Tonelli.

“Also, never cook pasta in boiling water without sea salt," he adds. "The pasta will never be seasoned enough if you add salt once it has been cooked. And never put Parmesan on the seafood or clam in spaghetti or linguine, because it overpowers the delicate flavours."

Silvia Baldini adds that you cannot have pasta and steak. And, of course, meatballs don’t go on spaghetti. Or chicken.

“In Italy there are no dishes featuring pasta and chicken. Also, the oil should not be added to pasta cooking water. Pasta dressing – and oil too – must be added only after you have drained it from its cooking water,” says Baldini.


“The worst mistake cooks make when creating the classic Italian dessert tiramisu is not using egg whites," says Tonelli. "These need to be whisked until they form soft peaks and added to the custard, as they give the pudding a much lighter texture. Many chefs also add cocoa in advance but it should always be added just before serving, to stop it from getting soggy.”

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