Jarcuterie. Picture: Instagram
Jarcuterie. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Jarcuterie is the latest festive food trend you will love

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Dec 14, 2020

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The festive season is upon us, and with it comes a surprising trend - Jarcuterie which comes just after charcuterie chalets.

Charcuterie chalets have been a growing trend lately when it comes to Christmas time snacking.

Charcuterie chalets are new, having emerged for a short while every year since about 2016.

However, the creations are only now enjoying popularity on social media thanks to a recent string of impressive designs. Let’s be honest: charcuterie chalets look yummy but now jarcuterie enters the picture, the internet’s latest charcuterie obsession that is actually pretty genius (and just as beautiful and mouth-watering as those chalets).

If you are not familiar with a jarcuterie, it is basically exactly what it sounds like: charcuterie in a jar.

The idea takes all the elements of a charcuterie board (cheese, meats, fruits, and crackers), and puts them in a glass or canning jar.

The jars look pretty too, with the food carefully layered up inside and skewer used to keep it all in place.

This means you can actually carry your meal around with you.

All you need to do is choose your favourite elements of a charcuterie board, divide them all out evenly between you and your guests, and then build it all up inside the glass.

Get creative with shapes and use skewers to give the tower support.

Once your guests have finished taking pictures of your stylish treats, they can nibble from the jar or tip it out onto a plate to combine the things together.

According to EatingWell, the creations have grown in popularity.

They were perfected by Sarah Juenemann, who runs Grazing KC, a “hand-crafted charcuterie board and table company” based in Kansas City in Missouri.

Below are some of the creations we have seen on Instagram.

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