Infinite Eight Champagne changes its colour when chilled.

If you're after a drink that's sure to get your guests talking, then this colour-changing champagne is likely to do just that.

A winemaker in France has launched a champagne called the Infinite Eight Champagne that changes colour and design when it reaches the correct temperature.

The white bottle becomes covered with pink butterflies and musical notes when chilled, and is ready to drink.

According to The Local, to achieve the butterfly effect, the bottles are covered in a plastic film, which reacts to cold, thanks to a thermoreactive varnish.

Nicolas le Tixerand, head of French food packaging company Distripac, which co-designed the product, said the champagne was a first. 

“It's a marketing device. It's also a fun way of learning when a bottle of champagne is ready to be drunk."

The Infinite Eight Champagne will be launched in Japan this month, followed by France in April.