Noodles have been a staple food for many Asian countries since ancient times. Picture: Pexels

Hey noodle fans! I have found this cool and amazing Instagram account for you to follow. 

From spicy Korean noodles with pork to mala style beef noodles, the posts on @noodleworship consist of nothing but mouthwatering noodle shots. Scrolling through all the wonderful recipe ideas it's sure to give you some inspiration in the kitchen. 

Noodles are easy to prepare, contain few nutrients, and have high amounts of sodium. They've become super popular with anyone wanting a quick meal and range from ordinary ramen noodles to fried noodles and noddle-based stir-fries. 

Here are some fabulous recipes from the Noodle Workshop account: 

Spicy Korean Noodles with Pork 

Mala Style Beef Noodles 

Noodles and Dumplings 

Spring Onion Oil Noodles 

Shanghai Noodles

The account has more than 350 000 followers, and is run by Taste This Next, a social marketing company focused on food.

It does not matter if you ate lunch, this Instagram account will make you hungry immediately.