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There's a new food app ready for download and it's 100 percent home grown..

In a mission to create a convenient, efficient and smooth platform that allows people to connect through a shared love of food, Midrand born Loyiso Vatsha, 24, and Noble Nyoni, 23, have recently launched a food app called Mapha Food Share.

The app is a food-sharing platform that allows people to post, buy, sell and share home cooked meals from individuals within their neighbourhood. 

Co-founder, Vatsha, says they wanted to empower food lovers, self proclaimed cooks, chefs, entrepreneurs and the community at large. 

He says the app is even flexible enough to allow you to run a food business on it: “Due to harsh economic times and increases in unemployment in South Africa, we decided to visit the sharing economy model to address issues around the sharing and distribution of food. When people get together it becomes beneficial for all parties."

He adds: "We are looking to uncover all those chefs, bakers and other talents in the culinary industry and give them an opportunity to have exposure and earn a living in times where employment is scarce." 

They also want Mapha to appeal to those who have excess food to share with those in their neighbourhood. 

"This acts as a relief to households as money will be going back into the breadbasket for excess food. The platform can also be used to be used for social responsibility, allowing people or establishments to share their food at no cost to the under privileged”, says Vatsha.

But how will users of the app know that the food is safe to consume? 

“We care very much about the safety of our users which is why we have features and measures that allow us to minimize any risk as much as possible. 
We do this by incorporating an average social rating function which allows users to rate and comment on any food they purchased from someone else. This enables users to have an idea on the quality of the chef before they buy from them," he explains.

The app has a report function that allows users to complain about any malicious posts on the platform. 

This enables admin to act swiftly and block any offenders.

The Mapha Food-Share app is available to download on Android and Apple smartphones.